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Apple Brand Leather Care

Leather Cleaner 4 oz

  • SAFE FOR ALL TYPES OF LEATHER: Formulated to safely remove dirt, grime and surface residue from all smooth, finished leather.
  • GENTLE CLEANING ACTION: Gently and effectively cleans without harmful abrasives or caustic chemicals that can ruin leather.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Perfect for cleaning your leather designer handbag, purse, shoe, boot, jacket, coat, couch, sofa, car upholstery, wallet, belt and much more.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Apple Brand proudly produces leather cleaner in the United States of America.

Leather Cleaner - An aggressive cleaner formulated to safely clean finished leather. Formulated to clean without leaving a ring or residue. Quickly removes dirt and grime from leather that was not pre-treated. For particularly tough stains, multiple treatments may be needed. However, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to follow up with Apple Brand Leather Care to reintroduce the emollients that have been lost due to intense cleaning.