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Apple Brand Leather Care

Cream Shoe Polish - Black

BRINGS LEATHER TO A BEAUTIFUL HIGH-GLOSS FINISH - Our polish is formulated to bring the best out of all smooth-finished leather goods. Effortlessly keep your fine leather goods looking their best.

GIVE NEW LIFE TO YOUR LEATHER: Effortlessly buff out any scuffs and scratches while renewing the original color of your shoes or boots.

REJUVENATING FORMULA: Apple Brand Cream Polish nourishes and conditions your leather increasing durability and lifespan.

HIGH QUALITY: Your prized leather products deserve high quality care. Apple Brand uses the highest quality waxes and pigments when creating our Apple Brand Cream Polish.

MADE IN THE USA: Apple Brand is proud to produce all of our Cream Shoe Polish in the United States of America.

Apple Brand Cream Shoe Polish will bring your favorite leather shoes or boots to a beautiful, glossy shine. It is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to preserve the naturally occurring oils in your leather, while maintaining it's breathability.

DIRECTIONS: Ensure your leather is clean before polishing. Apply a small amount of polish with a soft cloth. Work polish in a circular motion to cover any scuffs. Allow polish to dry and buff with a brush or shine cloth. For high gloss shine, buff again with a slightly dampened shine cloth.